Editor’s note: The Peregrinations are here! And Snowbirds!

Welcome to all the fresh new arrivals. This is when the snowbirds start to arrive, right after American Thanksgiving. I’ve had plenty of emails from friends, advertisers and seasonal contributors saying they’re back and ready to get started! Virginia Fox is first up with a sassy story on life in the tropics. Welcome back Virginia!


It’s also the start of the peregrinations here in Vallarta. Hands down my favourite local ‘holiday’ – thankfully I don’t live downtown. Starting December 1 each night until December 12, the devout make a pilgrimage down Calle Juarez (from Woolworths) to the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Generally starting in the early evening, the streets are lined with onlookers while some of the oldest and most prestigious families, businesses and associations parade through Centro. There are dancers, musicians and floats decorated with scenes of the virgin Guadalupe.

The closer it is to December 12, the busier the nights events. Come hungry because each side street is filled with tacos, tamales, roasted corn, atole, desserts and more. The staff and families of the Tribune and Tribuna de la Bahia will be in the December 2 festivities.

On December 12, the virgin of Guadalupe’s ‘birthday’, the event is open to anyone who wishes to participate and pilgrims come from all over the country, filling the streets for a full 24 hours. This is a spectacle worth observing (just don’t drive).

It’s important to note that there are hundreds if not thousands of cuetes (extremely loud bombs) let off during these 12 days. Safe guard your pets. Get name tags with your phone number or buy a collar and use a marker on the collar itself. Prepare safe places for them to hide.

My mom comes next week; we will be heading downtown to check out the festivities. Our plans are to visit San Sebastian and perhaps Mascota and Talpa de Allende, a couple nights in Yelapa and a few days traveling down to La Manzanilla and the towns in the southern part of Jalisco.

Now if you’re in town with no plans to leave then I think you should head to El Rio BBQ in Paso Ancho along the Rio Cuale on Saturday to celebrate local musician Chris Kenny. Chris has been a long time supporter of local charities and events, always giving of her time and talents. She is facing some medial issues and this fundraising event is to help her get through it all a little easier. El Rio is an excellent place to spend an afternoon, (bring a bathing suit) and supporting Chris Kenny is just the icing on the cake.

Then on Sunday head to Taste at Casa Cupola for their brunch buffet. It’s intimate and done to perfection. Plus great staff in a lovely setting.

Next week there is a really interesting event at Di Vino Dante, in Old Town. Starting at 8pm you will taste locally produced Raicilla, nosh on delicious appetizers and learn more about the history and culture of Raicilla and the state of Jalisco. You can find the details on page 27.

And finally we are heading into the 3rd week of the Best of Banderas Bay and Riviera Nayarit Reader’s Choice Awards. You can vote for your favourite restaurants, beaches, entertainers, boutiques, charities, mechanics and more! Huge prizes to be won just for filling out the ballot!


Have a great week everyone!

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