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It is so green again. Just like that, a splash of rain and voila, new life everywhere. Washing the dust off probably helps too. Instantly my garden responded. Grass and flowers, where just a day ago there was none. Which should illustrate just how fast things start growing once we get the near daily rains through the summer.
I have been forever putting things in the ground as ‘ant food’ or in pots where they grow too fast, seed and die. We are certainly not in Kansas anymore, (or Vancouver.) Here we have to account for the strength of the sun, the bugs, the fungus, the water, the humidity, the salt in the air… it all boils down to me not being able to grow anything but dust. So a gardener friend, Hi Lisa!, who was looking for a yard to experiment with, has started to redo some of my beds and making plans for some bigger installations. It’s very exciting. Stay tuned! I’ll be sure to share photos as we go along.
In addition to learning about growing plants, I’ve wanted to get back into being creative. I’m one of those people who starts a project and then gets distracted and then starts another. There’s a meme out there that says ‘why spend $5 on something when you can spend $90 and make it yourself?’ – that’s basically me in a poorly finished shadowbox.
Imagine my surprise when I found out you can take music classes, painting classes (mixed media and oil) and sculpture classes at the Vallarta Cultural Institute on Rio Cuale. Throughout each day there are different classes and best of all – registration is a $100 pesos and monthly fees are only $280 pesos. I can afford to make all my friends gifts now! Lucky friends.
Find the info here on this page for painting – you can visit their facebook page for more details but the best thing to do is head down and talk to someone, as the info online isn’t very comprehensive. I think learning to paint along the river, imagine the improvements to your Spanish, is very romantic. So if you’re here over the summer – let’s learn together and then we can open a shop and sell our trinkets. Right, Marcia?
In the immediate future, we have Restaurant Week running until the end of the month with discounted set menus at many of Vallarta’s best restaurants. We have Vallarta Pride starting on the 21st with a pool party at Mantamar and then the parade on Wednesday at 8 pm from the Sheraton along the Malecon to Lazaro Cardenas.
Of special note, this year will be the first time in history that the municipality of Puerto Vallarta, including the mayor, will participate. Slowly but surely things are changing. Get out and support our diverse community! It’s always a great party.
If you’re looking for something a touch more sedate, then Garza Blanca is holding the 3rd Annual Hecho en Mexico event on the 20th with music, fashion and gourmet dining that highlights the cultures of Mexico. Open to the public, it’s $650 pesos and includes your buffet dinner. Details on page 16.
Many of the markets continue including Thursday evening at the Marina, Friday at Marsol, Saturday at Three Hens and also Saturday at Los Mangos Library. Please support our local artisans and producers. (Who knows? Maybe you’ll be selling your coffee mugs there after taking classes at the Cultural Institute!)
With the coming rains, we have an issue with the garbage that has accumulated in the river beds, drainage ditches and roads. Please take a moment to pick up a bag or ten of all that nasty plastic – you’ll be putting a smile on a baby dolphin’s face. Promise. Also, say no to that straw in your drink and stop one more piece of plastic from going into the garbage.
Kudos to the businesses and people who are making an effort in reducing plastic consumption.
That’s it for me this week.
Safe travels,

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I have lived in Mexico full time since 2011. I am an editor, graphic designer, writer, iPhone photographer and road tripper.