Design and custom furniture with Carlos Alberto

As I continue my conversations with friends new and old, I am mpressed by how much talent we have here in Vallarta.  I sat down with Carlos Alberto who is the owner of Carlos Alberto Style Lab a  few weeks ago to discuss what he has been up to lately.

Carlos who is from Jalisco but lived and worked in Los Angeles for around twenty years returned to Vallarta with his wife to live their version of the ‘Mexican Pacific Coast lifestyle’.  A life where working hard is balanced with less time in the car and more time being creative!

Carlos currently offers design services but is working to open a new local  furniture production shop.  He has a passion for working with mixed medium and he is finding that the region’s changing demographics are looking for handcrafted and unique design pieces.  Carlos who worked with Waldo Fernadez, the famed American furniture designer and he plans to bring not only Fernadez designs to our market but also the high quality of furniture production that is a struggle to find locally.

One of the things designers often talk about behind closed doors is how difficult it can be for people to understand their real value.  Services, and in particular, ones that we often feel we can do ourselves can be a hard sell.  The challenge is that most of us are not as spatially aware as we think we are, nor do we have the ability to create a truly cohesive design.  Light, size of spaces, exterior home style can all impact how you design a space for living.  Carlos is now offering services to his clients to help them plan their design and then decide how they want to execute it!  With design boards starting at only six thousand pesos for eight designs, anyone planning a remodel or renovation should consider how much time and effort a professional design could save them in the long run.

Carlos is currently working to bring some of his design team together from across Latin America and get his new furniture production shop open in the late winter or early spring.  Once he is up and running, you will be able to purchase production pieces or work with him to secure a one of a kind design.

Each time I sit down and start chatting with these very talented new residents of Vallarta I realize that our city is changing.  I am reminded of the amazing opportunities our local young people will have exposed to these talented individuals from all across the globe.  Working with these professionals is the way that an entirely new generation of craftsmen and women will join our local workforce.  And I for one am extremely excited to see what the next ten years brings as the collaboration between local and new talent merges.


James Nash
Realtor at Rainbow Realty
A believer that a simple, flavorful meal shared with friends is one of our life's true joys, a local resident of Vallarta, James (aka Jimmy) shares his knowledge and passion for the culinary arts, local architecture and Puerto Vallarta real estate.