Corazon de Niña celebrates its 5th anniversary

We are so pleased to be celebrating our 5th Anniversary!  As of now, over 100 children and youth have slept safely in our home – some for one night, some for years.  Some abandoned, some abused, some having witnessed the death of a parent, some with what seemed like insurmountable trauma and despair… we have laughed, cried, prayed, healed and celebrated together, cemented our faith, learned forgiveness, practiced tolerance, patience and compassion… gained self-esteem, become good listeners, learned how to read and write, understand and defend our rights, study hard, eat healthy food, exercise, be responsible for our own actions and learning, communicate what we mean, tell the truth no matter what, respect ourselves and others, empathize, help others, live by the golden rule…

Ours is a place of transformation, where a girl who arrived unable to read or write her own name is now achieving a GPA of 95% at University sponsored by angels from California who have chosen to invest in her future and the future of Mexico…

We have not only overcome but we have triumphed beyond anything we ever imagined.  With a community of close to 1000 supporters, a beautiful place to call home and our sixth student entering university in September, we are proud beyond words and so grateful to all of you who have remained focused, stayed the course, remembered why we do this and made our children’s happiness your priority.

YOU are amazing and without your unwavering love and support, today’s message could be very different.  In a country where those most vulnerable are not even mentioned in the annual budget, our GEMS have been the very foundation on which these miracles have taken place together with those of you who fundraise heroically for our special projects moving us closer each year to self-sustainability, supporting our efforts to reduce costs through the generation of renewable resources and small businesses run by our youth… and then there are the warriors who roll up their sleeves and stand by us through good times and bad, all year long at our side, doing whatever needs to be done.


As of this fall, these six young people will be in university!

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Leonardo – CULINARY ARTS at University of Vizcaya

Juan – SPORTS MANAGEMENT at University of Guadalajara

Alejandra – FINE ARTS, University of Guadalajara

Cristina – SOCIAL WORK at UEA

Eduardo – DENTISTRY at UNE

Armando – SPORTS MANAGEMENT at UNIVA Guadalajara


With great encouragement from so many of you, on August 21, 2017 we will open our very own CORAZON SCHOOL.  This has been a long time coming as we have tried to fit our children into both public and private educational settings, each time experiencing disturbing situations including bullying, discrimination, misuse of funds wherein teachers are often grossly underpaid or sometimes not paid at all meaning they miss work and eventually quit.

For all of these and many reasons more we have decided to hire our own qualified teachers, create and maintain our own Montessori learning environment with enrichment in the areas of Reading, Math, Science, Language Instruction, Physical Education and Arts such as a Music, Pottery, Painting, Carpentry & Theatre, Music and of course an Organic Gardening & Yoga centre!

Our children are registered in the National Distance Education program called INEEJAD, a program that has functioned for us beautifully with several of our young people who have since graduated and gone on to University, like Cristina, Alejandra, Armando and more.  It is a comprehensive Distance Education Program providing all basic curriculum required for primary and middle school graduation.

So far we have the commitment of two teachers and we continue to advertise for several more part-time who would lead workshops in the areas of enrichment.

Investing in our children’s education is a priority and to get this school up and running will require the help our CORAZON Community. Below is a list of our immediate needs in this regard.  Anything you are able to help with will be greatly appreciated.  You can choose to sponsor an item, a child’s educational needs or a lump sum amount – just follow up with a message letting us know your donation is for the CORAZON SCHOOL and which children/items you are sponsoring.  Huge thank you in advance to those of you who are able to respond to this need.  As donations come in, we will post children/items sponsored and by whom.  If you would like your donation to remain anonymous, please let us know.




Basic Expenses per child is $4000MXN ($224USD) includes books, uniforms, footwear, backpack, school supplies & insurance. 21 children in total need sponsorship.



Flooring $20,000MXN ($1100US)

Lighting $2000 MXN ($112US)

Text Books $10,000 ($560)

Library Enhancement $5000 ($280US)

3 Microscopes $7500MXN ($420US)

Classroom Furniture/Equipment $15,000 ($840USD)

Video Projector $5000MXN ($280USD)

Overhead Projector $1500MXN ($84USD)

2 PCs $12,000MXN ($673USD)

For more information and to support Corazon de Niña, please visit

By Melissa Canez

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