Community is at the heart of Parque de los Azulejos

Photo by Rolfe, Lucky Duck Productions

“There is such a strong heart connection between people, memories and Parque de los Azulejos.”

What is art? What makes an artist? Answers to these questions vary greatly, but there’s one common denominator that holds true for art and artist alike: true art makes you feel something.

To behold a piece of art is to feel it on some level, to let it move you. When a project is a public space for us all to enjoy, people tend to get attached. Hearts feel. A sense of pride and joy wells up: “This is our special place. How fortunate we are.”

Something amazing is happening in Old Town: Connection. Feeling. Pride. Do you feel it?

Let’s meet the team, the creators of Parque de los Azulejos.

El Choco: The Man with the Plan. A potent mix of artist, creator and fixer, he’s been a part of this project since day one.

Uriel: Sometimes confused, always optimistic. You can spot Uriel easily because he walks at a glacial pace. But always punctual, which means a lot when you’re part of a team. He’s a treasure.

Humberto: Creative powerhouse, expert painter, and all-around hard worker. Humberto is a very necessary part of the team.

Daniela: Shy and sweet, Daniela is quite an accomplished muralist. She has painted many murals throughout Mexico.

Rafa: AKA Vallarta’s Dog Whisperer. A hard worker with a great disposition, it probably comes as no surprise that Rafa is friends with every dog in town. Dogs know a good person when they meet one.

Nancy: She can do anything and she knows everyone. Nancy cries a lot and loves the Parque with all her heart.

Mayra: Behind every circus is a Ringmaster. That’s Mayra. She’s lovely a sweetheart, but she knows when you’re off task and yes you should be concerned.

Natasha: The artist who leaves a piece of her heart with every tile… on the giant PUERTO VALLARTA letters you see when driving into town, and in the marina on the benches, to name just two places.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: this team, and all the materials, all their time and energy, is 100% funded by donations. You can help this team of artists realize their collective heart’s desire. Here’s how:

Tile Sponsorships and Celebration Benches come with a Certificate of Authenticity showing the finished piece, signed by Natasha herself.

The stories behind these tiles represent so much love, sweetness, even sorrow. This is why Nancy cries! It’s strong, this connection people are experiencing with the Parque. We love that. That’s the he(art) of it.

It’s not art if we don’t feel something.

Workshops this year are dedicated to the retrofitted planters lining the perimeter of the park. Looking to make your mark on Vallarta in a very hands-on way? This is it!

If a workshop or celebration tile sounds right as a gift for a friend or loved one, we offer gift certificates that we can email on your behalf or you can pick up in the park.

Once the project is complete, we’ll cap it off with a commemorative hardbound book showcasing its evolution, plus all the personal stories behind the tiles. (Kleenex not included.)

Again this season there will be a Springtime Gala fundraiser, as well as a free party; a gift from our heart to yours.

Thank you, people of Vallarta, from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you or seeing that El Parque de los Azulejos is a tribute to the collective heart and soul of Vallarta and its people, and for making it possible.

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