Comings and Goings – Martin


Thursdays at Cuates y Cuetes: the return of great saxophonist Martin Montenegro! Martin will play again at his old haunt with various friends and fellow musicians leading up to and including the annual Jazz & Music Festival opening Monday, March 18 and running to March 27. There will likely be some Spring Equinox goings-on by the Pier at one of the most iconic beach restaurant/bar/musical destinations in Vallarta – Cuates y Cuetes.

Friday, March 8, at the Vallarta Botanical Garden, the Vallarta Bird & Nature Festival opens and continues over the weekend. Closing ceremonies begin early afternoon at the Hall of Flowers at the Garden on Sunday, March 10.

Saturday, March 9, River Café from 1 to 4 pm, one of the most important (and fun!) fundraisers of the season for Corazon de Niña. For details, please see their ad in this issue.

Saturday, March 9, Incanto at 7 pm Doug Varty stars in a tribute to Rod Stewart. I saw this performance at El Rio two seasons ago and loved every minute of it. (Guess what I’m doing this Saturday night?) One of my favourite songs in the world is Maggie May. I happened to mention that to Doug in our informal interview before his performance at El Rio. Somehow, in that sea of humanity in the dark, he found me, knelt down and sang Maggie May to me. The expression “moved to tears” was made for moments like that and I have cherished it since and will forever.

Tuesday, March 12, at Incanto at 4:30, join the Vallarta Garden Club for drinks on the river terrace and at 5 find out why bees are important. These short lectures are always informative and entertaining. It’s an excellent time to renew or buy a membership to the VGC and help keep Vallarta beautiful.

…and Goings

An extraordinary sight to see every seat in Teatro Vallarta filled. The occasion was the single performance of Sleeping Beauty presented by the Bolshoi Ballet of Belarus. The Corps de Ballet was one of the finest I have ever seen – precision and grace with moments of sheer perfection with nary a finger out of place. The hours these ballerinas have to have spent rehearsing must be staggering to create such loveliness. Then add in travel time, language differences, our tropical heat, and sometimes vicious humidity; different surfaces to walk and dance on in an ice-cold air-conditioned theatre and to present such a classic marvel like it was no effort at all. Then take bows to a thousand people roaring their delight, pack up and move on to the next performance. I haven’t even gotten to the costume changes (Five? Six?) that were lightning fast and utterly beautiful. How do you transport these wispy, fragile pieces of clothing more than halfway around the world? To each and every person involved with this flawless performance on stage and off, including Sher Productions and Salvador Luna: Bravo.

Just three months after seeing Bohemian Rhapsody – the movie, I was very interested in Johnny Zatylny’s tribute to Freddie Mercury and Queen at Incanto last week. He did not disappoint anyone in the nearly sold-out theatre at 3:00 in the afternoon on a sunny Sunday! The second set was full of everyone’s favourite Queen songs, and audience participation was encouraged although many did not need to be asked. A delicious couple of hours in the middle of the day. Thanks, Johnny for a stellar Mercury; please come back next year!

Marcia Blondin