Comings and Goings: El Cascanueces

One of the best-attended shows I have seen in years was ‘The Nutcracker’ at Teatro Vallarta. I saw more people I knew at this one production of the Jalisco State Ballet than two seasons rolled into one. It was dreamy with gorgeous costumes and metallic snow. Nutcracker is on every budding dancer’s list; one may start as a mere mouse but one day? Who knows? A Baryshnikov of the future? Therein lies the magic of this ballet, performed every Christmastime. ‘Nutcracker’ was also the first “Sher” Production by Teatro Vallarta’s Director, Salvador Luna. We can expect more classic entertainment from Sher Productions. Bravo, Salvador.

For the first time, Miss Conception is in Vallarta for Christmas and has a new show to celebrate that milestone. Canadian Kevin Levesque, has been an integral part of The Palm Cabaret for years and he has never looked more at home than in this newly renovated space. You can catch ‘Twas the Night before Miss Conception’ Thursdays and Mondays until the end of December.

Over at Incanto, ‘Naked Boys Singing,’ has been held over, and rightly so. I have to be honest: there are a couple of cast members that I just wanted to see naked, okay? I was fully prepared to be forgiving as far as the singing goes – one can’t expect everything to be good, right? I was so impressed from start to finish. Both Bob Bruneau and Jean-Guy Comeau had their work cut out for them to whip these Mexican (and one Salvadorian) young men into English-singing parts that were clearly enunciated and devoid of Spanglish-isms. There was no faltering and certainly no shyness! The lyrics were clever and well-sung by all. The staging was inventive, the accompaniment by Jay Gee on piano, wonderful as only he can do, and roars of laughter filled the theatre all night long. This is a deliciously fun production: Go.

Still at Incanto, Media Luna, has returned to Vallarta from San Miguel de Allende and have brought more family musicians to help round out the sound. They tell me more special guests will be added every week, so no reason to just see them once! If you appreciate fine guitar work, you will adore Media Luna.

COMINGS: To the Boutique Theatre, Saturday, December 15, at 8:30 pm. Those crazed Princesas Desesperadas get together for ‘La Noche – ¿Buena?’ I can’t imagine the script changes which is why I am compelled to go after seeing the PD’s more times than is probably healthy. A funnier group of four would be impossible. Do yourself a favor and go. Yes, it’s in Spanish. Above Nacho Daddy on Basilio Badillo.


Marcia Blondin