Cheryl’s Shoebox Summer Bash Success

For the third summer in a row, this party not only raised money for a good cause while 200 people laughed, danced, drank, ate, and competed like packs of wayward primary school children.  Some of the teams couldn’t make it at the last minute but the ones that remained were fierce in their combined efforts to thwart not only the opposing teams but anyone who unwittingly got caught in the crossfire. Like yours truly. What began as a simple water-transfer game quickly disintegrated into guerrilla-warfare-showers for all. By the end a tie was announced between Team ‘What a Drag’ and Team ‘JG Group’. ‘What a Drag’ prevailed and will hold the winning cup – er, boot – up high until same time next year. Many thanks go to Dave and Christine Kohl for sponsoring the ‘What a Drag/Fairy Drag Mothers’ Team representing the Banderas Bay Women’s Shelter. Good work everyone. The blast of water that hit me square in the face nearly took off my eyebrows!

Meanwhile, under cover from the war games, The Jamaican Brothers kept everyone happy for three straight hours. Thanks go to Steve York on bass guitar and the rest of the band for the inspired instrumentals that were played at a listening level that never precluded conversation. A number of people happily commented sotto voce. Sylvie and the Zippers packed the dance floor for the final two hours and went into overtime by pleadings by dancing queens Catherine and Vicki.

Babel Bar has served the community well this summer with two-weekend fundraisers back to back. Thanks go to Hector and Arancha – and your helpful kids! – for providing such a remarkable and usually tranquil setting for large gatherings of like-minded folks giving back to our beautiful city.

Canadian beauty Kami Desilets was the emcee for the proceedings and gave us a small preview of her upcoming show at the Boutique Theatre this fall.

Many volunteers gave their time to man ticket booths, moving sound equipment, picking up garbage and generally being helpful. Standing on the shoulders of Cheryl Schrean after her passing, are Vicki Steuteville, Freda Thompson, Jaime Baldridge and Michael Hammond. They continue Cheryl’s dream of making sure all kids have shoes for school. These four outstanding Vallartenses have added basic school supplies for students and their teachers. They are the catalysts that inspire people like Marcos from Reina’s Bar to collect 400 pairs of shoes in less than two weeks. Also, promoter Jenny Gomez gave for auction a heart-wrenching black and white limited edition print of the Malecon during Hurricane Kenna in 2002. This gift garnered an additional 3,000 pesos under the auctioneering expertise of Nacho Daddy owner, Sean Moore.

By the end of the blistering hot day, organizers and attendees were happily worn out. The weather held beautifully and when I left, the Summer Bash was holding 85,000 pesos with a bit more in the offing.

And Cheryl smiled down upon us all.

Marcia Blondin