Buying Beachfront Properties Part 4

Buying Beachfront Properties Part 4
Playa Tranquila, Play Las Glorias, Play de Oro, Playa, Play Los
Tules and
Playa El Salado at Marina Vallarta
By Miguel Fernandez
In part 4 of our series on Buying Beachfront properties in Puerto
Vallarta, we start moving North of the Old Town area.
Playa Tranquila, Play Las Glorias, Playa de Oro, Play Los Tules
These are the beaches that line the coast of the Bay of Banderas
between downtown and the Marina Vallarta. This stretch is more hotel
and resort oriented. The properties available are primarily condos, or
fractional ownership arrangements. That being said, these areas are
particularly terrific for investment purposes, as vacation rentals tend to
be very brisk, since the beach is at your doorstep and you you are
close downtown and the airport. Many families and high-season visitors
love the feel of a resort area and these beaches really fit the bill.
Play Tranquila is in front of the Sheraton Buganvillas Hotel, and lives
up to its name. Softer surf, and more sedate.
Playa Las Glorias does not have easy street access, so it tends to be
frequented primarily by the visitors and owners at the hotels and
resorts. Family oriented with good swimming in the Bay. Very much the
resort feel—all-inclusive hotels abound. Plaza Pelicanos and Plaza Las
Glorias are nearby, with very easy access to transportation and
Play Los Tules and Playa de Oro are wide and accommodating
beaches that lie at the foot of the Holiday Inn and the Peninsula condo
complex. Easy public access via a well used road running along the Rio
Pitillal. Because of this, you have some more activity from local
residents, and the wildlife around here is varied and exciting. In
addition, a fair amount of horseback riding can be found along the
Play el Salado at the Marina, is very condo resort and hotel
oriented, but due to this, these beaches are very well maintained.
Quite sedate during the low season, but busy during the high-season
with snowbirds and vacationers.
The proximity to the Marina is terrific, for boat rentals, shopping and
dining. Some excellent restaurants are in the area, ranging from high-end, such as the Sonora Prime Grill to yummy salads and paninis
at one of my favorites, Barra Light.
Too, you can’t beat the pretty stroll on the Marina Boardwalk, and
during the high- season, the Marina hosts its own Farmers’ Market
every Thursday afternoon from 6-9pm.
The Marina has a completely different feel, with a golf course,
immaculately maintained gardens and homes, good shopping— a very
San Diego, California-like atmosphere.
For information about buying a beachfront property in Puerto Vallarta,
feel free to contact me, or my team at the G3MEX office: or Mexico 322-209-0832, from the U.S.
760-650-9739. Saludos!

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