Busing Banderas Bay – Afternoon Rocking and Led Zeppelin

Life in Vallarta provides an abundance of afternoon music, most of it accessible via any Centro bus.

The Babel Bar, located on the River Cuale provides music all week from 1 – 3 pm and then early evening music at 6:30 pm. They feature a variety of solo and duo acts performing a wide range of music.

Now, for my regularly scheduled rock music updates.

Blake’s Restaurant and Bar, on the Centro bus route, near Los Glorias, is an awesome place for afternoon music. Wednesday and Saturday, starting around 2:30 pm, Trez Cuartoz rocks the street with jam sessions, and Fridays at 2:30 pm Soul Trip brings their funk, rock, blues, and harmonica, and hosts visiting musicians. Extensive food options, from snacks to full meals are available. Included with the music; people watching. Located on the main road into downtown, it seems every bus stops out front; there is no shortage of sights and sounds to absorb.

Tuesday, 3 pm, Captain Don’s hosts The Gecko Band to capacity crowds. The band engages the audience and staff, with dancing in aisles and tables not uncommon. Don’t be shy to try the food; always tasty comfort food.

Winston’s Pub on Peru Street by the Shell gas station, with new owners and name, has brightened up the location and features music from 3 – 6 pm, Thurs, Fri, Sat. I saw The Prophets on Sunday, and they are worth a second look.

 El Rio BBQ holds afternoon and early evening music. Check out the Tribune’s Live Music calendar online or in the paper for a list of who plays when at El Rio.

Moving away from the afternoon, there is a selection of early evening music.

Café Roma features music from 6 – 9 pm Thursday, with Ana and The Others and then Fridays from 6 – 9 pm with Tequila Rush. My favorite meal is the calzone.

Don’t forget El Oasis de Holi, near La Isla Mall. Sunday at 5 pm, Ana and The Others rock this beachside location.

Special Rock Event:

All the venues above feature a mix of rock music, and styles. However, one of Vallarta’s top bands has a special event planned. They have promised there will be no “Brown Eye Girl”, or “Who is Alice”!

Tequila Rush is performing a Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary Tribute at The Roxy Rock House, March 16, at 11 pm. It will include TWENTY well-known LZ songs. Tickets are one hundred pesos in advance, one hundred thirty at the door, available at the Roxy, or from Tequila Rush thru their FB page.

Tequila Rush, one of the top bands in the bay, commands a great stage presence, with their ability to play a large selection of songs well. Many bands have signature songs, not Tequila Rush, all their songs are “top shelf” and they are one of the few bands around who could pull off a Led Zeppelin, 50th Anniversary Tribute.

I missed Tequila Rush’s Red Hot Chili Pepper’s tribute earlier this season, but intend to not miss this tribute.  I have two choices; stay at home and awake, then Uber to the Roxy. Or, go to Blake’s for 2:30 pm, for Trez Cuartoz, then to Kelly’s for 8 pm and Soul Trip, then wander the half block to Roxy’s for 11 pm.

Check out the Tribune’s Live Music calendar online, or in the paper for a list of who plays where and when.

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