Be Brave, Be You, Be Beautiful

Have you ever had a lump in your throat when you knew that speaking your truth was not going to go well? That the person on the other side of the conversation was not going to like what you had to say, you swallow your words to spare them hurt or heartache all the while damaging your authentic soul by muting your truth. I believe all of us have experienced this at one time or another in our lives.

Being your authentic self is tricky business in today’s world, when you have to remain politically correct, socially aligned or a people pleaser who never wants to rock the boat or hurt someone’s feelings or even more challenging, being a person whose ultimate goal of being liked by everyone.

Let us debunk this way of living because it is a trainwreck waiting to happen. We should feel free to be ourselves at any given time, loving ourselves enough to speak freely. In saying that, remember the old saying, ‘it’s not what you say it is how you say it.’ Keep that in mind when you are delivering your heartfelt speech.

It is not always the simplest path to stand in truth, but it is always the right one. When you live your life by this model everything else falls away, all the drama, stress and moments of tightness in your chest disappear, and life becomes easier.

Society could benefit from more people speaking up on what is right or wrong. So many have become like Switzerland, not taking a stand on anything and being neutral about everything. Years ago, if some punks were on the street swearing or saying rude comments to a person passing by, people who were nearby would not tolerate this kind of behavior. In today’s world, people can be afraid to speak up. Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more people becoming muted and bad behavior escalating.

Well, my friends not anymore! If each of us starts with our heartfelt conversations of our truths we can all grow from there. Together we can start speaking up when a racist joke is shared at a party, or someone says rude comment in another way.

Be brave, be you and your beautiful soul will shine brightly. Speak your truth stand on the ground of your beliefs and the tightness in your chest, your throat or where ever else you hold your stress in your body will melt away. Our world is begging for more ‘Happy Heart Warriors’ to start taking a stand for what is right. Use your radar from within to monitor when something feels icky to you. I am sick and tired of playing by the rules. I am going to scream from the rooftops, loving everyone and praising loudly all good things that are coming our way.

I invite you to do the same. Let’s take this world on, one happy moment at a time.

Homework: Practice being mindful or your words, they matter and are a powerful influence of good.

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Rhonda Zarate
Happy Heart Lifestyle Coach
Rhonda Zarate is a Happy Heart Lifestyle Advisor. Her favorite thing to do is help people find their happiest hearts through Coaching. Vlogging, Boutique Real Estate & she authored a book Find Your Happy Planner.
Sharing her love for the happy path and her family makes her heart the happiest, being part of a Heart Tribe is one’s greatest JOY.