Angeline Kyba’s Story Begins in Yelapa

Artist’s Reception Thursday, February 7, 6 to 9 pm

My studio in Toronto was under constant threat by city officials and developers and I was sick of it.  This was back in the 80s.

I took a flight to Mexico and a boat to Yelapa and while sauntering along on a dirt trail, Juan Cruz came by on a horse and said I could rent from him, it would be cheaper than renting from anyone else. Although I was just passing through, the offer of a place of my own was an offer I could not refuse.  I took him up on the offer and had my first studio in Mexico, a palapa on the river with another palapa for my sunny studio.

Sweet scented pink lilies lined the entrance, I crossed the river on stones and creatures were everywhere. My neighbour, Doña Lupe, became my closest friend and I painted her many times; she made soap and raised pigs, so it was interesting.  We would walk three and a half hours up a mountain to pick up the piglets who refused to walk and had to be carried in sacks.

We built a house, rock by rock, and she wore two dresses, the outer one was her good dress, which she wore when we walked through town and then she removed at the site to work in her work dress.  She modestly bathed in the river in a purple satin slip; that was how it was done. She diverted a river, moved a mountain and changed the course of an ancient cow trail to do it too.  So you can see that not only was this work, it was productive, fun, imaginative and creative.

To keep working and persevere seem to be essentials in my life and work. Creativity is a habit and the best creativity is the result of good work habits. People think Van Gogh was a crazy starving artist but when you read his writing, you can see that he was an observant, dedicated, hard working artist.

In the 90s I got my first studio in Puerto Vallarta and later had my own studio built where I continue to work and show my work with still many images of Yelapa, my first Mexican home.I invite you to the opening reception of my annual art show on Thursday, February 7 from 6 to 9 p.m. at Angeline Kyba Studio Galería, (Cuauhtémoc 635) in downtown Vallarta.  Simply follow calle Guerrero that changes to Cuauhtémoc in Gringo Gulch.  Or come by way of the new bridge and steps over the Rio Cuale in the Rio Cuale Park and turn right.

Angeline Kyba Studio Galería is open to visitors Monday to Friday from 12-5, please ring the bell to see work in progress.  At other times call 322-147-0955.  Kyba also does portraits on commission.  Her portrait “Carmen” has been used by National Geographic, her portrait  “Miriam” was selected for the Quinta Bienal de Monterrey, ” Bésame “ forms the cover of the book Erotic Journeys and her works are collected world wide.