A Review: The Final Season’s Performance of ‘The Foreigner’

Act II Entertainment took a chance this season by adding a play to their Main Stage lineup. Act II’s musicals have been very successful. Act II was able to deliver an outstanding production of ‘The Foreigner,’ which not only received rave reviews but also record-breaking audience attendance over the past few months. Last Wednesday evening, Act II presented the final performance of The Foreigner’ this season.
A hilarious and thoughtful two-act comedy, written by American playwright Larry Shue, ‘The Foreigner’ has become a staple of professional and amateur theatre. The play has earned two Obie Awards and two Outer Critics Circle Awards as Best New American Play and Best Off-Broadway Production. ‘The Foreigner’ was also the first show directed by Danny Mininni, Act II’s founder when he came to Puerto Vallarta 10 years ago.
For Danny, ‘The Foreigner’s’ success made him realize that great theatrical entertainment in PV was possible. What better way to celebrate Act II’s 5th anniversary than to bring back the play that started it all!
On Wednesday, the play’s plot unfolds as two guests, Charlie Baker and Staff Sergeant Froggy LeSueur, arrive at a resort-style fishing lodge in rural Georgia. Charlie is depressed because his beloved wife may be dying. To help his friend, Froggy tells Betty Meeks (who owns the lodge), that Charlie is the native of an exotic country and doesn’t understand a word of English. Betty, who has never traveled, is delighted to cater to a stranger who is “as foreign as the day is long.”
Before long, things start to go sideways, as Charlie finds himself listening to a variety of secrets and scandals freely discussed in front of him by the other visitors.
Act II’s, ‘The Foreigner’ starred Alex McLauchlan as the charming foreigner, Charlie. “I never thought I’d meet another actor good enough to play the part of Charlie until I met Alex,” said the director, Danny Mininni. This show also featured Act II veteran actress, Cherry DeLorenzo, along with the talented Maria Rose, Shawn Morgan, Branden Hayes, Al Carswell, and Ocean Olson. This play featured a fast-moving plot and the actors had to be on their toes delivering their lines and following the action. Everyone’s acting was truly fantastic! The comedic timing was perfect and the subtle nuances and message of the play were communicated flawlessly!
I applaud both Danny Mininni’s direction and the commitment of the talented cast of ‘The Foreigner’ for paving the way for plays to become an accepted and sought after form of nightly entertainment in Vallarta. One of the reasons for Act II’s continued success is their courage to take risks and understand what their audiences really desire. Act II chose wisely, by picking a play with a great script and a timely message. But most importantly, the play’s success can be attributed to the incredible dedication of the cast and their commitment to delivering a first-class performance!

“Act II Entertainment Stages has Done It Again. Where else can you go see a “Play” with such Fine Acting, Great Characters and a Haunting Story Line. “The Foreigner” opening night was a Hit Run Away. Perfectly executed by all the Actors and Directed by Danny Mininni, it is a Show of Shows. Every Actor was the Star. The Set was Amazing and the sound and lighting were Spot on. Lots of Laughs but lots to ponder as the show unfolds.” – David Wilhoit