Fun on the Riviera Nayarit

Hey Everybody! I can feel the downshifting of gears as the pace begins to slow around the north end of the bay and in the smaller pueblos on the Riviera Nayarit. Having my friend AnnMarie in town was the best! We enjoyed ourselves eating and drinking on the playa. The beach vendors seemed stressed and hounded us like crazy, which was quite unpleasant; more for my friend as I am use to this general behavior after living here seven years now.

They, too, can feel the shifting towards the summer season as the expats return to their homes taking their monies with them. I feel it is so important to create other avenues of work and education for the vendors, such as the Restaurant Management Program Andrea with the Black Forest Restaurant in La Cruz provides.

It certainly was fun to take some time off with a dear friend. We hiked from Boca to Las Animas trail, which has really changed! It is still quite the stair stepper and not an “easy peasy” hike as my friend Sylvie Scopazzo with the L.O.C.A. club would say. We loved the workout! In the last year the continuing construction has really unfolded. I can remember when this trail was more off of the beaten path. Now, one can see it is well travelled, as well as much better maintained with lots of signage. Enjoying several beach days, including at my fav Playa de Destilideras, lots of shopping, more eating and drinking, and girl time! YAY!

SPRING CLEANING.  While many snowbirds have already flown the coop, a few are packing their suitcases. Why pack what you no longer want? It is the season to clean out what you do not need. This makes more room for the things that you do want to bring into your life. Sandi Nystrom with the John Ozzello Food Bank and Humanitarian Aid says, “You can take them (your gently used items and non perishable goods) to YoYo Mo’s in centro Bucerias or JD Tours on Lazaro Cardeñas.  That is the drop off location for the food bank.  We will take the donations to our centers who will distribute them to the needy in our area.”
13th Annual International Altruism Festival The American Consular Agent Kelly Trainor and Marriott Resort Puerto Vallarta team hosting the 13th annual Altruism Festival.

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This is one of my favorite festivals for several reasons. Primarily, this fest is all about the nonprofit organizations that help so many here on the Banderas Bay and the Riviera Nayarit. All of the proceeds from this event are donated to the charitable organizations that need a little help. Stop by the chairities booths to discover more about them and how you can contribute.

The fact that it’s an all inclusive party for a very low cost where you eat the most delicious and beautifully created food, drinking to your heart’s content from a full bar while enjoying fabulous live music and entertainment along with a special fireworks show does not hurt my feelings at all! I also want to mention there is a raffle. Purchase a few extra tickets to win amazing gifts that have been donated from businesses from PV throughout the entire bay area.

It’s a truly fabulous time seeing your friends and meeting new folks as well. Last year each of the 19 participating nonprofit organizations received $46,487 pesos!

You may purchase tickets in advance from your favorite nonprofit organization for only $400 pesos, or $500 pesos at the door. LOVED this photo I took of our announcer last year..Captain Jack Sparrow…ARRR..SEE YOU THERE AMIGOS!
Gay Pride Week in PV is coming up on May 21st to May 28th if you would like to participate in the PV fun, or not…! According to, “After being requested by the LGBT community for several years, and thanks to the boom in LGBT tourism in Puerto Vallarta, on April 6, 2017, the Office of Gender Equality was inaugurated in Puerto Vallarta.” Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña states, “We have already taken very important steps, such as the establishment of same-sex marriages that became legal in March of last year.”Also commenting, “In this City Hall we will be aware that human rights are respected. With this office we will have advice to guide and help us have a more peaceful and inclusive Puerto Vallarta, a support that is very necessary for everyone.”

“This office will help us serve LGBT tourism much better, we want them to feel safe and in case of a mishap they are given help quickly and efficiently, not discriminated against.” And adding, “Thanks to the interaction, coexistence and cultural exchange with tourists, we have made important advances in the creation of an inclusive, plural and diverse citizenship. Puerto Vallarta is today a city where we consider the respect for differences through dignified, respectful and equal treatment for all people, regardless of nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity to be of primary concern.”

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Now, if only the rest of the world could get it! I am proud to be living in Mexico; a place where everyone can be treated equally regardless of gender or race.
Viva Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!
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Have a super week everyone. AHO!