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Big news for people living outside of Bucerias and Vallarta: Intercam Banco’s fourth branch will open in Sayulita next week. What a boon this will be for folks and businesses out of town. It’s the very first bank outside of Bucerias EVER! It speaks well of Intercam to go where they’re sorely needed. They are all about great service and their new space is air-conditioned, located on the brand new road into Sayulita. All of us at the Tribune wish them every success.

The director of Intercam, Jason Lavender, has been a friend for about 15 years; his mother Jan and I go way further back than that. It was delightful to see her at the invitation-only opening and I was touched (and I know she was, too) when Jason announced that it was all because of her that he and his bank are in Vallarta and now Sayulita. Jan Lavender is one of Vallarta’s Grandes Dames having opened Galeria Uno – Vallarta’s first art gallery, decades ago – and still going strong. The food and beverages flowed at the Grand Opening – gourmet pizzas and barbequed burger sliders fed a huge crowd of well-wishers. A delightful party all around; thanks for having me!

I just caught a glance at Incanto’s burgeoning line-up of stars coming this season: Well Strung, Bohemia Viva; and returning Jackie Bristow and Duende. That’s just a bit of a teaser. Keep your eyes here for more events. Incanto will be open again by the time you read this!

With that, I am done, From Here.

Marcia Blondin
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