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We live in ‘interesting times’, don’t we? Earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones, tsunami warnings and that’s just what’s happening in Mexico in September! Throw in some serious bloody health issues (mine) in the month infamously called Septi-hambre (hunger); I have sat back and watched money fly out the door. I am greeted by people who say they are happy I’m ‘better’. I am not. I am on the road there but I still can’t see the end of the street. Those who have had similar issues say it’s MONTHS of recovery. I will grudgingly let you know if it’s true!

Intercam Banco is my favourite bank ever, ever. I strongly urge everyone – new ex-pats for sure – to get to a branch near you and open an account. There are a bunch of reasons why so here’s a simple list:

–     They pay interest that you can actually spend on things!

–     They don’t charge for things like using their ATM (and, I have never found Intercam’s ATM’s ‘out of money’ unlike many Mexican banks, not even during Semana Santa)

–     You can pay Telmex and CFE bills there, no charge

–     Or, you don’t even have to go to the bank! Just call them, and it’s done!

–     Online banking to check your balance and see your statements

–     They also deliver paper statements every month if you want them to

–     They have bank trusts, escrow accounts in USD or pesos

–     Here’s the biggie: everybody speaks English

Intercam is green. They care about our planet and go out as a team with their families and clean miles and miles of beaches every year. With the disasters in Mexico City this month, Intercam has set up an emergency fund that you can donate to.

To kick-start the program, Intercam put up one million pesos and will match ALL donations to the centavo. All monies go to the Mexican Red Cross and are earmarked specifically for earthquake victims.

I have been invited to the Grand Opening of Intercam’s Sayulita Branch the end of this month. If memory serves, it’s the first bank ever for that Magical Town. What a relief for folks that live up north of us and have had to travel – some to Vallarta – just to do their banking. They’ll be open to the public early October.

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I’ll let you know all about it next week – my first foray “out” in three weeks. That’s what’s happening…From Here.

Marcia Blondin