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As promised last week, here’s the full report on “Let’s Have Dinner & Talk About Death” at Fusion Gourmet. First, the food was great, with three choices for each of the three courses. We were four tables of six so it was easy to chat intimately among ourselves and to discuss the questions put to us by hosts Michael Lindner and Joel Manning, the Directors of Vallarta Hospice”, an important new service available in Vallarta.

It’s been 50 years since the word ‘hospice’ became a program (1967) to assist the terminally ill to die in peaceful, more home-like surroundings, and Michael and Joel will be offering that service and more, beginning with preventative care. There is plenty I must learn (and plan to) about Vallarta Hospice. So, stay tuned; when I know, you’ll know.

Opening night of Princesas Desesperadas at Incanto last Friday was packed to the rafters – maintaining PD’s perfect record of sold-out, SRO crowds. Doesn’t matter where it’s held; the play sells out. But now I am really thinking Teatro Degollado in Guadalajara. The four princesses know the script and each other so well they can – and do – ad lib with hysterical results. Results that included cracking each other up on stage to the point of being bent over and unable to speak; that set off a chain reaction that roared through the audience more than once, with convulsive, uncontrollable laughing jags.

I was a bit concerned about the size of Incanto’s stage, but Director Ramiro and Producer Alain made some interesting (and lovely) changes that included exits and entrances through the theatre (no mean feat with those gowns and four-inch heels!) and direct involvement with the audience. It was the most brilliantly funny production I have seen to date.

And when you read the press releases that mention the crazy fans that have seen Princesas many, many times? Yep, that’s me. They have two more weekends only people, GO!

Cheryl’s Shoebox’s Summer Bash is this coming Sunday, August 6th at Babel Bar on the Isla Cuale. It’ll be a great party for a great cause and don’t worry if it rains – the pavilion is covered and there’s lots of room under the roof!

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Immigration Alert, part III I left off last week’s column knowing I had to go back to Immigration to be fingerprinted for my new Permanent Resident card. That was scheduled for Monday, June 24. I went, was fingerprinted and paid my fine for not letting them know about my address change within the 90-day time limit. Then, four days later (!), I received a letter advising me my card was ready to be picked up! Because it was late Friday when I checked my email, I go Monday to receive the rest of my happy life in Mexico all encased in a simple plastic card…

…and then it was done. I am immensely grateful to Lic. Ezechiel Alvarez Gudino, our head of Immigration, and his patient assistants including Wendy, Emma, Norma and Alvaro all of whom helped me. And fast! Again, the kindness of the Mexican people – that touched me for the first time in 1986 – made the difference in my whole life today. Muchisimas gracias…From Here.

Marcia Blondin