From Here

Mother’s Day has come and gone for another year. A large group of us from the Tribune were treated to a fabulous breakfast (complete with great raffle prizes!) at the River Café compliments of our publisher, Fernando Corona. And roses. Thank you.

Restaurant Week starts this week and runs until the end of May. With prices slashed by nearly 50% what an opportunity for residents and tourists to try more than one of those trendy spots on the beach.


The Tribune has been running ads for months encouraging everyone to say ‘no’ to straws in restos and bars. Well, Incanto is the first in what, I hope, will be a long list of places that will serve straws only when asked. This will be a learning curve for bartenders, wait staff and YOU so, be aware and stop adding to the plastic waste that is strangling our oceans. Good for Incanto; always a step ahead.

Speaking of Incanto….please go see and hear Moelle every Sunday night in the theatre at 8 pm. Last Friday night Fernanda, Moelle’s singer, unwittingly sang me to sleep. They were performing across the street from my house at El Patio de mi Casa. Big smile still plastered on my face, From Here!

Marcia Blondin
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