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Yesterday while sitting in a restaurant, I overheard a conversation between a mother and her two daughters; they were talking about staying fit. The mother was talking about staying lean and her new workouts. She said she’s is in her 60s, and she looked great. She was also in the best shape of all three, she was asking her daughters their thoughts about keeping a lean physique.

I couldn’t help but eavesdrop, admiringly, of this woman who appeared to make fitness a priority with her busy life. She asked her daughters what they liked about their workouts? She said she wanted to stay lean but keep the muscle on. One daughter said to keep muscle tone, eating more was needed, her mother replied she liked eating more, then she mentioned a co-worker in her 70s who was in the best shape of everyone at the office.

This got me thinking about fitness, health, and aging. Thinking that so many people put far too many obstacles in the way of their fitness success such as work, aging, processed foods, money, time, aches and pains, the weather, the environment, the water quality, family commitments and on and on.

But here was this woman, in her mid-sixties, and she looked amazing, she has a busy career as an art director (I overheard that too) and she makes the time to go workout a few times a week and keep herself in amazing shape. Nothing about her career was related to fitness and she appeared to be talking about her fitness with enthusiasm and joy.

So what is it about her training that made it such a freeing, enjoyable thing? Was it that being in shape was a priority? Was it wanting to be lean? Was it to impress her husband and daughters? Maybe it was a little of all those, but I think that mostly, it was the way she chose to see fitness and being healthy. Making a difference in her life, to feel like she was young, like she still has years ahead in her career, was loving a position she has just started. It made her feel closer to her daughters, to have more things they could share, and more things they could do together, breaking the age barrier between mothers and daughters. These are guesses, of course, based what I was listening to, now more intently.

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Everyday I see people who thrive while others struggle, and what I deduced from that short, very insightful conversation between a mother and her daughters was that our lives can be long and very fulfilling if we choose for them to be. We can thrive in our lives at every age, and making fitness a part of our existence is a blessing, not a curse. It’s something we can enjoy and make work for us, if we let it. It’s not a chore, a strict discipline or race to be the best simply because we live in a time where we are free to make choices.

Making fitness a choice and find things about it to love, will make it easy to embrace. When you do, you will open up a whole new world of opportunities, relationships and long-term successes.

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