The earth has been shaking in Mexico

The earth has been shaking in Mexico.  We could not be more proud of our team of 21 bomberos (fireman) from Puerto Vallarta who responded and travelled on September 19 to Jujutla, Morelos (one of the most devastated areas) to work on search, rescue and building inspection. They continue to work there as I write this. I have continual updates from them via text.  They are in a “camp” with other volunteers who answered the call to assist the multitudes in Morelos, Oaxaca, Chiapas and Mexico City. There are rescue workers from points world-wide which everyone is grateful for. But breaking this down to “our very own” gives us all a sense of pride, a sense of honor that is difficult to put in to words. They have left their homes and families to dedicate their time 24/7 to those in need. And bravo to the bomberos that remain in Vallarta to most likely have to cover shifts for their co-workers and to diligently work as the rains here continue with flooding, mudslides and the day to day work that goes on. In addition, the donations of supplies including food, medicine, clothing at a myriad of locations throughout the area to go to the affected areas is amazing. Puerto Vallarta really does come together in so many ways. It is important to remember that yes, there are many needs for the affected areas but we continue to have those in our own backyard that continually need assistance and we must never forget them.

Dra. Adi Dominguez is our bi-lingual psychiatrist. She took a few years off (she had twins!) but returned to her private practice a few months ago, and we are sure glad that she did! She is mainly focusing on medications, prescribing, adjustments and changes but still does some therapy as well. On Monday, October 9, 2017 at 9am we invite you to join us as we continue our “Breakfast With a Physician” program as we do “Breakfast With a Psychiatrist” with Dra. Adi. We sit around a table and have a casual chat with the doctor, asking questions, have a little breakfast all in a comfortable environment. No set agenda, just an informal chat. There is no charge but we do require an RSVP as space is limited. It is very important to know what medications are available here and what medications require a prescription by a psychiatrist.  Dra. Adi is also highly experienced in testing for Alzheimer’s, so there are a lot of questions to ask her! We also have several psychologists (therapists) that we work with.  They are all legal and licensed to work in the area and completely bi-lingual. Normally when I receive a request for a therapist, I send the person requesting all of the contacts and let them communicate and decide so that they can go with whoever they feel the most comfortable with.  It’s not the same as “I need to have my ears checked” but a much more personal type of experience.

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Bravo to our bomberos! Bravo to all of the rescue workers! Bravo to all of the donors!

Here’s to a semi-dry and a semi-calm week!



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