Ceviche and Aguachile this weekend!

Local residents and visitors to the area are invited to attend the Festival de Ceviche y Aguachile (Ceviche and Aguachile Festival) at Lazaro Cardenas Park on July 29, which celebrates the local seafood delicacy with participating restaurants, microbreweries, and raicilla producers.


With more than 30 different versions (including vegan options) of ceviche and aguachile by 10 local restaurants, the festival will feature local recipes and some international fusion versions of aguachile and ceviche. Although both are similar dishes that both rely on the acidity of citrus juices to cook raw seafood, aguachile is typically has more of a broth or liquid base while ceviche is a comparably dryer product that is typically served on tostadas.

The festival was also held this past January, with more than 170kg of seafood consumed by more than 1000 people. Local organizer Edgar Cisneros, with support of local government, plans to make the event a bi-annual event that promotes local culture and cuisine to the national and international market.

The festival is sponsored in part by microbreweries Minerva and Dos Cuentos, local raicilla producers Balam and Ritual de Los Dios, all of whom will have their products on sale at the event.  The Festival de Ceviche y Aguachile will be a fun and inexpensive event with a stage for live music throughout the day.

Ceviche with cazon (fish), avacado, red and green onion, jalapeno with soy/lime marinade in jicima bowl; paired with Dos Cuentos Lager .

The Festival de Ceviche y Aguachile will be held on July 29 from 12-7pm in Lazaro Cardenas Park (Olas Altas and Venustiano Carranza) in Old Town.

Matt McCue
Food Writer at Vallarta Tribune
Matt McCue is an avid eater, having consumed more than 40,000 meals in his lifetime. He'll eat anything that's put in front of him, but prefers not to talk about that afternoon as a vegan.
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